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James Osborne
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AMPInspect Chrome Browser Extension

AMP Inspect

If you are looking to learn more about AMP, or figure out who’s using AMP, I developed a Chrome extension that allows you to view the AMP version of any URL you happen to visit.

Unlike the AMP Validator Chrome extension it doesn’t debug your AMP setup, it does however list all the AMP components active on an active current URL, with a link to each components documentation. It’s a great way to learn how others managed to setup AMP, and how they managed to achieve such great site performance while maintaining slideshows, navigation menus, dynamic content and more.

How does it work?

First of all you can download the extension here. To test it’s usage visit any newspaper or blog website, and check whether the icon changes colour.

If the icon changes to blue you’ll know there’s an AMP version available of the URL you’re currently visiting. Click on the blue icon and then you’ll see a link to that AMP URL. If you’re visiting a WordPress website it will even tell you if the website is using the official AMP plugin.

If the icon turns green you’ll know your currently visiting an AMP URL. Clicking on the green icon will inform you of all the AMP components used within that URL, with a link to each. You can then use that components markup within the playground, creating your own great content to be used with that component.

If you’re current on a WordPress AMP website and the website is using the official AMP plugin you’ll also know what mode of the official AMP plugin is in use.

If you find the extension useful I’d be grateful if you gave it a review on the Chrome extension store.

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