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James Osborne


from a web designer upping my dev game

I’m from the south east of Ireland and I use to build websites ( | and I use to build lightweight Joomla templates ( 

Despite loving all things web design I ended up building too many websites and becoming the IT point of contact for too many small to medium business owners. With my phone constantly ringing and requests coming in the form of SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp and even Viber it was time to move on. 

I’ve since been working as a IT contractor and I’ve been lucky enough to work with – and learn from, some of the top engineers and developers in the WordPress ecosystem. I’d gone from being a big fish in a small pond to being an extremely small fish in the biggest of ponds!

Since moving from Joomla to WordPress for my IT projects I’ve spoken at multiple WordCamp and Google for WordPress publisher events in Europe and Asia, while also contributing to the WordPress ecosystem and the AMP project.

Other interests

When I’m not performing my regular work duties chances are I’m doing some sort of side project online. My hobbies outside the IT world include the following:

Hiking & running: I love hiking, with my favourite place in Ireland so far being Coumshingaun Lough in Waterford. I’ve completed 6 half marathons, while also breaking the world record for length of time planning to do a full one.

Traveling: I’ve visited approximately 50 countries so far, with a target of at least 3 new nations each year. People always ask me my favourite one, an impossible question. I love the hectic vibes or Tokyo and New York just as much as I love the rainforests in Queensland or the wilderness of Connemara.  

Sports: I used to be a huge soccer fan, but these days I like basketball more, mostly as a result of leaving the TV on in the background while working on random IT projects. The time difference suits me more! I’m also a committee member of my league of Ireland football club, Wexford FC. 

Music: I’m an avid music fan, and while not playing any instrucments myselft checkout some of my playlists on the music page. I’ve no favorite genre although it’s hard to beat 80s music from the 80s. 

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