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James Osborne

Aztec Design

Aztec Design web design wexford

I setup Aztec Design in 2012 after returning from Australia. It was a way to try and earn my crust from doing what I love doing, building websites. After a tough first couple of years getting setup and converting leads I had a solid list of clients and I was able to afford a temporary office worker to assist me with basic queries and office duties.

I did everything professionally from the start, taking pride in building professional websites at affordable prices. I used my design skills along with partnership with a printing company to offer business cards or flyers included in website packages.

Some of my highlights from running Aztec Design were the below:

  • Being able to travel while working
  • Meeting business owners from all walks of life
  • Putting my web dev skills to practice
  • Learning how to build a business from the ground up
  • Winning north Wexford Small Business of the Year 2016
  • Getting my club’s logo onto FIFA 15, a logo I designed

While I don’t take on any new website work for clients, I do look after most of my previous clients when time allows. Some of the sites that still exist after 2 years out of the game are the below:

You can view just some of the hundreds of sites I created below, along with some of the grahics I created in the form of business cards or flyers to the right.

All sites were created using my own 100% custom built Joomla templates.

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