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James Osborne


I started putting a collection of tech focused brands, images and slogans together after discovering a great WordPress plugin that uses a drop-shipping API to make it easy to create a store more commonly used on the Shopify platform.

While the site needs a lot more work than time I can currently afford it’s something I hope to get up and running soon. It uses WooCommerce along with a custom built WooCoommerce AMP extension plugin to ensure a working navigation menu, product tabs and order quantity button. The product images in the websites AMP version are next on the to do list before I can make the site fully AMP using the official WordPress AMP plugin.

You can checkout the site below, feel free to even make an order! If you happen to meet me chances are I’ll be rocking some of the gear you’ll find on the site, in particular the CSS tops or tee’s!

Note: I’d love to add more tech/programming logos to my collections, but most projects don’t allow for reuse of their branding.

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