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James Osborne


Aztec Design web design wexford

I setup Aztec Design in 2012 after returning from Australia. It was a way to try and earn my crust from doing what I love doing, building websites. After a tough first couple of years getting setup and converting leads I had a solid list of clients and I was able to afford a temporary office worker to assist me with basic queries and office duties.

In 2013 I decided to start building my own own Joomla templates to get a better understanding how they work and to cut down on all the bloatware offerings available elsewhere.

The templates I made were minimal and lightweight, using only the Bootstrap CSS framework and jQuery, both of which became part of Joomla core, meaning my templates were eventually dependency free with the exception of Google fonts feature.

I designed my templates based on various business sectors, while also naming them after cities, mainly for SEO purposes.

I ended up selling over 2,000 templates in over 40 countries. I also sponsored 2 Joomladay events and my biggest regret is not attending as much of the community lead events and I would have liked.

While Joomla is not as popular as it once was it remains a great CMS with excellent features. I don’t dedicate anymore time to creating new templates although I remain a fan.

You can checkout my templates below:

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